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Crafting intentional landscapes and outdoor living spaces that seamlessly blend nature, aesthetics, and function in DFW and surrounding areas.

Your home is your sanctuary. Our goal is to bring your vision to life with focused attention on your needs and wants. The end result is a stunning and purposeful outdoor space that transforms your property.


Landscape Design and Installation

We are a complete landscape service company, and are mindful that creating beautiful new spaces is an

investment. From concept to completion, we focus on bringing your vision to life and provide consultation during each phase.

Our design group prioritizes relationship and creating functional, aesthetic, and cohesive environments that provide long term memories and value to our clients.

Gardens and Food Forests

Producing our own food is an ancient practice. Being in the garden, harvesting your own food, is a

special ritual that solves one of our base desires. The need for security. When we plant using

permaculture methods as nature intended, we can create our own ecosystem and reap the benefits of

no till and raised bed gardening.

Chefs, foodies, urban homesteaders, or people who are blessed with acreage can implement these practices and feed your family the best possible food.

Outdoor Living

We are fortunate to partner with some of the best craftsmen in our area. There are unlimited choices

when building an outdoor environment, and those spaces need to be mindful of how you are using

them. Do you entertain? Love to dine outdoors under cover of a gorgeous pergola? Need a puppy pad to

save your grass? Do you have chef tendencies and want to cook outside and grow your own food? Or,

would you like a space to meditate and get away from everyone? Nothing is impossible.

Water Features

The sound of water will remedy an abundance of noise. If your property is near a road, there are loud

neighbors, or you just want peace… a water feature is key. The sound of water decreases stress and anxiety, promotes calm and peace, and helps induce a meditative state.

If you prefer to be outside for a

nap, to read quietly, or just to be alone in nature, a fountain or pond will transport you to that place of



As with all outdoor living, the possibilities to utilize masonry are endless. Merging stonework with

landscape provides a solid foundation and creates borders and protection for planted spaces.

Retaining walls of stone; flagstone patios for a fire-pit or a bistro table; a meandering path through a forested

landscape; and large modern walkway pavers that lead to your front door are just a few of the things we

can do.

Pottery and Rock

Pottery with plants can and will make a huge statement in your living space. By turning them into a sculpture, they become art when viewing from both the inside and outside. Small spaces can handle large design. Adding beautiful rock in dynamic shapes and tones creates showplaces. Don't be afraid to make a statement.


We would love to plant trees for you. There is no greater joy than to plant one or plant many-it’s the perfect

way to bring more nature to your property instantly.

Trees and large evergreen shrubs make the most immediate impact with regards to privacy and

bringing about a feeling of comfort and stability.

Large specimens also provide sound insulation from our hectic lives.

Spring is optimal and fall is also wonderful. Most clients like to plant them early fall near the end of

September and the beginning few weeks of October before leaves drop.


Remember to decorate new spaces for serenity and begin using it as a part of your living areas immediately. Don't be afraid to use large elements in smaller gardens! When outside, you can do exactly what you want in your new oasis. This is your spot to recharge, make it your own.

Things We Love to Do


Outdoor spaces can make or break your home environment. Creative, efficient use of that space can add several hundred or thousands of square feet to your living area. Strategically placed pergolas, decking, living areas, courtyards, kitchens, and fire pits can give you extra footage without adding on to the house. Blending nature with function is a way to get a timeless space that doesn't go out of style.


Thoughtful design is imperative when landscaping. Too often, we get calls from clients who have the exact thing their neighbor does- that was put in by the builder and it's just never right. Great design blends indoor and outdoor spaces effortlessly and is always mindful of the architecture of the client home. It recognizes how the space is to be used and so many other factors. Proper landscaping brings color, structure, privacy and life to the home. We want each client to receive a unique product that respects nature while meeting their desires.

NAtive Gardens

A lot of our clients prefer a more natural look and that is achieved with flowers, trees, and plants that are Native to Texas. To keep if from looking messy, "evergreen" shrubbery would be added for structure, and then beautiful perennials, grasses, and wildflowers are added. This look produces a more soft, inviting space than that of a typical foundational landscape. Adding large, drought resistant trees, some beautiful rock, and lights are added to create a dramatic effect. This type of planting uses much less water than the typical builder grade landscape. Styling a yard this way is particularly striking on cottage style and modern homes.

Water Features

Water is life. Water brings peace like no other element. From cascading waterfalls to small pottery water fountains, we will show you how the sound of water will create a sound barrier between you and our hectic world. They add immeasurable value to your space by giving you solitude and establishing a private oasis. Water features are especially useful if you live on a busy through street, and if you are trying to create a backyard haven of privacy.

Food Forests

Many people are moving toward sustainability and food security. Using your own land- even a small urban space, is the best way to do that. If you dream of having fruit trees, vegetables, and raised beds, we will be your partner and help use every inch of your space efficiently.


Adding large colorful pottery filled with grasses, perennials, and flowers bring a huge impact immediately. They can be planted with large specimens for privacy or bright colorful flowers when decorating a front door or around a pool. For those who love a modern look, we use sleek containers and clusters of the same types of plants.. Breathtaking!


A great design becomes spectacular when strategic lighting is utilized. Lighting will absolutely change the

mood and environment, while providing additional safety to your property. Beautiful and correct

lighting for your space is completely transformative.

plus MORE

If what you desire isn't listed, we invite you to fill out our form and request a quote. We're always open to exploring new design possibilities and bringing your unique vision to life..


We got the backyard we have wanted for years-our architecture is very specific and Ms. Rogers and her team did a beautiful job and stayed true to the design of the home. It is spectacular and our whole family loves it!!

Courtney W. Fort Worth

I wanted a place for my family and friends to feel like they were on vacation. We interviewed 5 companies and felt Donnann understood our ideas and she implemented them perfectly. All the people who work on the team are great and respected our property. The kitchen we have is amazing, and our pool is now private and gorgeous. I do boys nights, my wife has all the functions she wants here, and everyone has a great time. We highly recommend her and her team. You won't be sorry.

Barry B. Colleyville

We had no idea what to do with an acre.. she did. Our project was monumental and took a few weeks, but wow! We love how we have "rooms" and several destination spots in the back of our house. We eat, we swim, we host lots of parties, and one of the most interesting things is a large natural area of Texas wildflowers that bloom from spring till frost. We also planted a whole grove of trees, and they are my favorite. Our yard gets tons of compliments and we are so proud of this space. Well worth the investment.. we love it. Donnann is an amazing designer and we have no reservations about giving the highest recommendation.

Angela S. Argyle

My family is working to be more self sustainable. We grow our own food but needed help being more efficient with the land we had. Planting straight rows in the dirt wasn't working. Donnann and the team helped us create a large, well thought out permaculture type garden that will produce even more food than before. She helped us understand how to mix flowers with fruit trees and vegetables to create a healthy environment for it all to grow. No more digging in the ground!! There is no better feeling that making meals from our own produce. THANK YOU Jade Gardens and Landscape~

Jayson H. Haslet

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My strength is a complete focus on our client’s vision- and to solve for the problem that sometimes is not even clear to them during our first meeting. Our outdoor environments should be a respite from hectic life, provide spectacular living spaces, and connect people through all their senses to their new spaces.

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